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  1. WMFLibrary – XML to WMF Converter

    WMFLibrary is a Java class library designed to enable you to read and write WMF (Windows Metafile Format) graphics files. Also contains a SVG2WMF converter. WMFLibrary provides XMLFileDocumentWriter and SVG2WMFLib classes for writing WMF graphics files and SVG2WMFLib class for reading them. One can also use the classes directly to create/read WMF graphics files.

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  3. Météo24

    Météo24 is a weather monitor designed to work as a weather widget for the GNOME panel.
    The app includes four features:
    hourly weather forecasts
    forecasts for up to the next seven days
    a deluge radar
    the current status of the weather
    With that said, your weather widget can easily support different kinds of metofor locations, using detailed symbologies, or a simple gradient widget, allowing you to differentiate your forecasts

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  4. Météo24

    Météo24 is a weather monitor designed to work as a weather widget for the GNOME panel.
    The app includes four features:
    hourly weather forecasts
    forecasts for up to the next seven days
    a deluge radar
    the current status of the weather
    With that said, your weather widget can easily support different kinds of metofor locations, using detailed symbologies, or a simple gradient widget, allowing you to differentiate your forecasts

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    The editing program does not seem to have a support team and the reputation appears positive in terms of user services. Its support forums are extremely scarce, with zero received posts.

    Up-date frequency

    Flv To Mp3 Suite does

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    The flag flies at half-mast

    The West Virginia flag is not at half-mast on the State House steps, and it will not fly there again until after the bombing damage is repaired.


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  7. iTunes for Windows is among the most powerful software collection that you can get on your computer. It not only offers audio and video playlists, but also a massive number of other useful tools. Despite its added tools, we should make it clear that iTunes for Windows is indeed a media player, and playlists should be treated like its way of playing media files. As such, we should be more interested in using it to manage media. In this post we review our top 5 best

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    Simple text editor for Windows
    If you think that using text-based editors is a throwback experience, you can substitute it with

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  9. It is possible to have this comparison for three files, or four or even more.
    You can also choose to have the report being printed or placed in an HTML file.
    You can choose to save the produced file in a PDF format.
    The output can also be specified. For instance, if you choose to have the results placed directly in a PDF document, then you will get one large document with the differences.

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  10. Bugfixes and additional improvement in d2u-2.5.0.

    Core functionality of d2u-2.5.0 can be mostly summarized as follows:

    Install data to a target schema

    Append to a column

    Define aliases for tables and columns to simplify movement

    Remove tables and columns

    Connect to databases

    Install data to a target schema

    id2d supports facilities for the installation of data to almost any

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  11. Not only will it help you to open your files, but it also gives you more flexibility in terms of naming the archive as well as its encoding.
    The backup and sync option is equally useful, and if you want to do more than what the standard archive format can do, you can even use it as a default program for archive or file extractors.
    Overall, BitZipper is a decent, if not a very flexible, application. I can see that it will also appeal

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  12. In addition to the core Windows Media Services programming model, it also provides the foundation for the Core Scripting Environment (CSE), Windows Script Support (WSS), and the Microsoft.NET Framework. So you can do more with the Windows Media and Windows Scripting Services SDK in Windows Media-based scenarios (such as an Internet.NET Server application) than just deliver media-type content. Windows Scripting Services (WSS) and Core Scripting Environment (CSE) provide a more

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  13. Standard Virus/Trojan removal programs can cripple your system by making changes to the Registry which adversely affect your computer’s performance. Trojan Remover was written to be a faster, safer and more effective tool for removing malicious Trojan Objects.
    Trojan Remover can find, remove and clean up Trojan Horses and Internet Worms from all major operating systems, including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, NT (Windows 2000, I.e. x64 Linux, Linux x64), Windows

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  14. Pricing and availability
    ANTIFOR – Anti Forensics Cleaner is a free and ad-supported only cleaning app, available on Google Play Store.

    The Google Market is getting a slightly new look today with an updated layout for the consumption of image-based content, the removal of Google Play synchronization, images showing how many people liked a certain application and a new navigation scheme to solve a bit what the search giant thought of us.
    Chrome Help
    Many of you have

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    Introducing Front Mission: Renewal AR

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  16. It can handle serial COM port, serial RS-232 and pincom port in various combinations together.

    File Size: 81 Kb

    New in version
    * Added support for asynchronous communication without concurrency blocking
    * Fixed many bugs so that the serial communication is more stable:
    * Support for one-way data transfer
    * Serial port allocation code more robust
    * Handle inside UART

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  17. Easy two factor keyring encryption and free 30 days trial – great for enterprise and home use!

    Being able to securely manage access to digital resources has long been a bane of IT teams that utilise cloud services to meet user demands, yet most organisations find that once a user needs access to a resource this often becomes a nightmare to manage.
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  18. Please, refer to “system requirements” at the end.

    How to Install mactl?

    Download mactl.exe to your desktop.

    – Extract it if needed.
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    The server will interact with you in order to keep you informed of the status of the hosted party and will even not permit to add new users in an online party.
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  21. A Fairer Poll

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  22. Thus, you can access problematic computers remotely, detect availability of specific IP addresses and even follow paths with built-in stateful firewall features.

    What are the Key Features of Dipiscan?

    Dipiscan works by analyzing the hosts connected to a network. The application allows you to remotely and quickly detect all of the devices and computers registered on it without any configuration.

    It is portable, and does not require installation. Just extract the ZIP file and double-click the
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  23. The application comes with some great features and is easy to use for users who just wish to keep a journal for their own practice or study.

    The use of pre-made filters is a popular way of dealing with spam, whether you’re using a desktop or web mail client. It makes handling much of the signature of spam less of a time-consuming task, and improves on some of the other functions such as managing subscriptions.

    Hands-free operations are becoming more and more common
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  24. It comes with the option to create databases, define your own data fields, import databases or repair them easily and with no additional tools you can create beautiful web pages about your Data by using Designer. The application can display your data in a Web page format. You can repair your databases.I just received my EC I today and really like it so far, however, the stock headphone is way too quiet and does not block out my typical road rider background noise, I need something that is a tad
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  25. DA-HelpCreator also facilitates the visually impaired. With the application’s custom font function, certain elements can be bolded or made italic to give your content a more visible look. With a responsive design and master pages that can be easily edited or used right out of the box, the application will be able to cater to the needs of a diverse crowd.
    Automatically generates the menu, sitemap and navigation system for you
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  26. Check out Nubage – Expenses Calculator here.

    Awaiting approval! Kids4Food Challenge and literacy tutor Goscarczyk plans to launch a new mobile app due in 2017, called Forest on a Block. It will teach kids fundamentals of basic carpentry by building simple, shape block-based objects. All of them require a saw, a drill or a hammer. What makes it work? We’ve included the project description below for further reference.
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    Extreme Simulator is a computer simulation game application developed by Ocean of Games which is capable of conducting wide range of simulation exercises. This simulator
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    If you add any custom icons it will ask to select an icon in the dropdown. When choosing an icon for the message box, it will preserve the icon box’s properties (usually size and location). If the icon is already smaller or more centered than what it looks like in the dropdown, like the Play button above, that will just make it bigger or bigger.

    To start the message box with a custom icon,
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  31. Watch This Short Documentary About Mike Gayle and Green Day’s DIO Sessions

    Published May 3, 2015

    Green Day drummer and vocalist Mike Dirnt spoke about his experiences recording the band’s reunion album back in 2008. According to Dotmusic, the singer reminisced in a new documentary about that time, discussing his role as the band’s drummer while recording the album. Director and screenwriter John Putch interviewed Dirnt about “the different
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  32. The app opens without any issues, uploading files to the internal library on file open, and displays images and videos in a clean and simple way.
    Being intentionally stripped down, this media player does not include any advanced features beyond basic playback, such as Artwork and filters for images, or video effects, formats and monitors for videos.
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  33. PLSQL (Procedural Language)
    PL/SQL is a procedural programming language used by Oracle Database for managing your database objects
    (TABLE, VIEW, FUNCTION,..), it works like a macro and the SQL statement is executed
    automatically by a RecordSet (not like a database engine like MySQL, PostGres, MySQL.
    PL/SQL is very convenient when we need to automate our queries.

    PL/SQL has two limits:
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  34. Key Features:

    Suitable for Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8

    Allowed to open dialog boxes

    Adjustable zooming and fullscreen fullscreen

    High-resolution full-screen view

    Categorized icon view with bright and dark tiles

    Option to sync with external folders

    Option to print pictures in the browser

    Option to view images in multi-layered mode

    Advanced photo editing and slideshows

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  35. Comparison of alpha-adrenergic blockade and dopamine in attenuating migraine headache and photo-dysphoria.
    The purpose of the study was to compare the effectiveness of phentolamine when administered intravenously and of bromocriptine when administered orally in controlling migraine episodes and other aspects of photo-dysphoria. A controlled, double blind, placebo-controlled trial was performed in two phases. In the first phase all patients had one intravenous injection of placebo (
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  37. Q:

    Cannot implicit convert type double[] to A[,]

    This C# question is answered and so I want to ask the question in vb here
    this the code in C#:
    private void LoadCMMPSizes()
    int[] CMMPSizes = new int[0];
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  38. webuild supports “phantomJS” server through command-line variables. It is a static compiler that recommends you use and knows when there are the following advantages over other compilers, such as jsmin, dead simple and easy to use, jsBeautifier, deep minifiers, jsTidy.
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  39. Contributions
    There are, among others, the following contribution pieces included in the Apache2Triad package:






    A WAMP Web-services Development and Deployment Tool

    WAMP stands for Webserver, Apache, Mail, Database, and Of course Perl. WAMP Server stacks, also known as WAMP architectures, are
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